A trip to Worcester

We braced the cold weather and went to Worcester. The longest river of Great Britain, the Severn, passes through the city, and adjacent to it lays Worcester Cathedral, architecturally considered to be one of England’s most exciting cathedrals. And it IS impressing with beautifully decorated ceilings high, high above the arches.

Every Sunday between 9.30 and 10.30 the cathedral bells are ringing, and it is done by voluntary “bell ringers”. There are 15 giant bells with a total of 16 tons, so it’s probably not easy to get the tones right.

Worcester is a city with many old half-timbered houses, especially in Friar Street – just behind the main street with all the shops. Greyfriars’ House is one of the most beautiful, and it was built in 1480 by a wealthy brewer. The house was decorated as it was appropriate for a man of position, and exhibitions in the house shows the changes over the years. Behind the house is a lovely garden where you can drink afternoon tea in the summer.

But today we preferred a visit to the beautiful bookstore and an indoor coffee at Costa cafe…

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