A love of trees

I have always loved trees. They are magical, all of them – but of course I have my favourites.

One favourite is the lime tree. There are different kinds of lime, but the one I know best is Tilia cordata, and it can grow into a huge tree. Probably too big for most gardens…

We used to have a lot of limes in Denmark, but now they are mostly found in parks and woodlands. In earlier days limes were often planted in towns, because they offered shade in the summer and people sat on benches beneath them. 

Where I live now, there are a lot of limes. There is an old tree in front of my house and many smaller ones along the edge of the lawns surrounding it. In July, the honey-sweet scent from the flowers fills the air and the sound of busy bees collecting pollen is everywhere.  

The lime is also called “the tree of love” because of the heart formed leaves. And the lime really has a place in my heart…


© Mia Folkmann 2021

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