Happy New Year!

590husWith a new year and a new calendar it’s the time for making plans. I do this too, because I always have so many. Some plans will be accomplished; others won’t – that’s the way it is, but I will try to accomplish as many as I can.

One of my plans for 2013 is more posts on this site. There are so many lovely things to show and write about; so many experiences to share, and I love to focus on the good things.

On this last day of the year I will wish you all a very Happy New Year and bring a lovely, summery picture from an English garden in Chipping Campden. Isn’t it pretty?!

Photo: ©  Mia Folkmann


  1. Hi Mia, I absolutely love the picture of the English garden above. I love the roses climbing on the fence and the stone walls. I have the climbing roses in my garden, but I don’t have a stone wall …..yet! Happy New Year to you and I look forward to following your blog!

    • Hi Christy. Luckily you don’t need stone walls for climbing roses; I have roses too and they are climbing like mad everywhere. This pretty house I just passed on a daytour to Chipping Campden in England.

      I too enjoy the wildlife and try to invite as many little “friends” as possible into my garden. Happy New Year to you too; please stay in touch… :-)

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