590julemarked1Victorian Christmas Market

There are so many cosy Christmas markets around the UK and some of the best have a Victorian theme with carols, plenty of atmosphere and music from the old days. The old-fashioned atmosphere is enhanced by Victorians with sooty faces and worn out shoes: Street Boys with mischief on their minds; … [Read More...]


Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills is a long mountain range created about 650 million years ago. Worcestershire Beacon is 425 meters high and thus the highest point, and from here there is a great view in all directions. The mountains in this westerly part of Worcestershire - or hills, as the … [Read More...]


A Feel for Flowers at Ordrupgaard

Right now and until August, you can see an exhibition with the most beautiful flower art at Ordrupgaard in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Female artists had hard times in the early 1900s, and Anna Syberg stood throughout her short life - she died at age 44 - in the shadow of her … [Read More...]


The first garden show of the year

Today is the first day of the Malvern Spring Gardening Show - the first garden show of the year and the start of a new season. All the garden designers in Worcestershire have been busy creating the most beautiful gardens hoping that they may get a gold medal. The exhibition … [Read More...]


Keukenhof flower park

Right now spring is at its peak in the Keukenhof flower park near Lisse in the Netherlands. The flowers are a bit late this year because of the cold winter, and when I was there last weekend, they hadn't all unfolded. But there was still plenty to see. Everywhere you could … [Read More...]


Flowers and views of the world

A new exhibition has recently started at the National Gallery of Copenhagen and it will last until October. The exhibition "Flowers and world views" displays 300 works of art focusing on nature's beautiful creations, while it at the same time gives an impression of the importance of flowers, … [Read More...]


Looking for spring

Winter has gone I think - at least in Worcestershire. But it is still cold, and there is still snow … [Read More...]



And then came the snow! Lots of it - but this is actually only the second time, I myself see … [Read More...]


When in England

The weather forecast has promised snow, but I still haven't seen any. Today has been beautiful with … [Read More...]


Back to England

It's time for me to go back to England! As you may know I share my life between Denmark and England … [Read More...]