A Feel for Flowers at Ordrupgaard

590blomstRight now and until August, you can see an exhibition with the most beautiful flower art at Ordrupgaard in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Female artists had hard times in the early 1900s, and Anna Syberg stood throughout her short life – she died at age 44 – in the shadow of her famous husband, Fritz Syberg. She was born in Faaborg in 1870 and belonged to the artist group Fynboerne, but she wasn’t truly recognized as an artist until after her death.

Anna Syberg was employed as a painter at the Royal Porcelain Factory for a few years, but when she married Fritz Syberg they moved to Svanninge and later to Germany, and for some time they lived in Italy. The artist gave birth to seven children, yet she found time to paint and were later able to exhibit her water colour art at Charlottenborg and other important art exhibitions.

Floral painters were not really considered to be “real” painters for some reason, but Anna Syberg was a master in her field. She found her motives partly in old-fashioned gardens and partly on her travels or in the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen, and from her experience as a porcelain painter, she created her own technique which gave atmosphere to the pictures and life to the flowers.

Anna Syberg had “a feel for flowers”, and this is exactly what the exhibition at Ordrupgaard is called.

Foto: © Ordrupgaard

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