Back to England

590broadIt’s time for me to go back to England! As you may know I share my life between Denmark and England with a little stop in between in Bruges/Belgium.

This way I’ll get the best of two worlds, and I do love to travel. Even this time of year has rewarding moments and lovely sunny spells, and I am so looking forward to visiting my favourite villages and places.

This little village is Broadway, and I go there as often as I can. Last time I visited was in November, and as you can see the weather was beautiful.

Broadway has always been an inspiration for artists and the like – one of them was William Morris, who loved the area and at one time lived in the little tower close to the village.

Photo: ©  Mia Folkmann


  1. How lucky you are!! I’ve never been to Denmark or England but would love to visit both. I look forward to seeing all your pictures from England!

    • Maybe this will happen one day, and until then I can show you a little bit of both… :-)
      I read more about your garden today and about certified wildlife gardening, and I wonder if there would be anything like that here in Europe. It is just what I want too..

  2. What a wonderful post and what an especially wonderful photo — that red booth just pops! I am going to enjoy your England posts a great deal, I think!

    • I’m glad you like it… :-)

      At the moment the sun is shining, but everyone is talking about winter and snow, so maybe I won’t be able to get out much. ;-)

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